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Why Auris?

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Auris – free hearing tests at a friendly hearing centre

When it comes to coping with the challenges of everyday life or appreciating the world to its fullest, our hearing plays just as important a role as our eyesight and other senses. Thankfully, hearing impairment can now be compensated for in many ways: modern hearing aids and auditory systems go beyond merely making human speech audible. The latest technologies make it possible to hear birdsong, the buzz of insects, the soothing rustle of leaves, the soft breathing of a sleeping baby and the quiet moments in music – all the pleasant, quiet sounds that enrich our lives.

Why would anyone willingly pass up these joys? Drop in for a hearing check and we will make the sounds of silence audible to you!

Why Auris?

  • Our highly trained, friendly staff speak both English and German
  • We are committed to finding the very best hearing solution for you
  • The fitting process is only complete once every issue has been properly resolved
  • We are only satisfied when you are satisfied with your hearing aid

What is a hearing test?

If you have never experienced a hearing test, it is quite natural to be apprehensive and wonder what exactly you are letting yourself in for. We want to reassure you that there is nothing unpleasant or uncomfortable about a hearing test. It can be best compared to a fun, playful examination where – in contrast to most games – the results are taken very seriously.

You will be comfortably seated in a sound-proof booth with a window. Sounds will be played on headphones at varying frequencies, one ear at a time. To measure your hearing ability, you will be asked to simply raise your hand when you begin to hear the sounds being played at increasing volumes. This helps us compile your audiogram, which determines the thresholds of your hearing. Audiograms are the basis for selecting a hearing aid best suited to your needs. In certain cases, our experts may recommend additional testing if necessary.

Hearing tests are conducted free of charge at the Auris Hearing Centre. Naturally, we also accept audiograms that patients have brought from other hearing clinics.

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