Available hearing aids and accessories

We distribute a wide range of reliable hearing aids and accessories. At the Auris Hearing Centre, you will find the hearing system and solution best suited to your lifestyle, needs and degree of hearing impairment.

Siemens hearing instruments

Siemens Hearing Aids have been helping millions of patients with hearing impairments for over a hundred years. Studies support claims that modern hearing aids can restore hearing to a degree where device wearers ultimately hear even better than the average person with healthy ears.

Phonak hearing instruments
The Swiss hearing systems company Phonak develops and manufactures innovative hearing aids for children and adults who are hard of hearing. Beyond its comprehensive palette of hearing aids, Phonak also provides unique communication instruments to assist the integration of hearing aid wearers.

Hansaton hearing aids
Hansaton has been manufacturing world-class hearing systems since 1957 and is present in 70 countries worldwide. They have received much recognition over the past 50 years for their innovative spirit, which has helped them remain at the cutting edge of the field even today. Recent years have brought them numerous international accolades for their research and development efforts.

Bellman hearing products

The Swedish firm Bellman & Symfon develops and produces auxiliary devices for the hearing impaired, such as alarm clocks and fire alarms designed to make their lives safer and easier. Through an extensive network of international partnerships, they are present in both Europe, Asia and North America.